ACHO Practitioner Register

Look for an insured and qualified Crystal Healer in your area.  Listed Practitioners will have trained with an ACHO Member School.

Foundation: qualified to Foundation level, the most basic level of ACHO accredited professional qualification.

Lic: Licentiate Practitioners have done at least a year of formal training (this is a part qualification which often carries an expiry date).

Cert: qualified to Certificate level.  Practitioners will have completed a one year training course.

Dip: qualified to Diploma level, the highest level of ACHO accredited qualification. Practitioners will have completed a two year training course.

Practitioner Register

Practitioners who have completed Foundation level, Certificate level or the full Diploma level qualification with an ACHO school are eligible to be listed on the Register. Provided your school was a member of ACHO when you trained and qualified you may apply to join the Register. Licentiate Practitioners are welcome whilst the date on their qualification is valid. Please download the Practitioner application form:

PDF version

MS Word Version

Renewals are due in March each year after the ACHO AGM.  

Entries in the ACHO Practitioner Register show Practitioner level, School of Training & Student Number. From renewals in 2018 they will also display an ACHO Badge: 
Bronze badges show a Practitioner qualified to Foundation level, Silver badges show a Practitioner qualified to Certificate or Licentiate level, Gold badges show a Practitioner qualified to Diploma level. 
To be included on the Register ACHO will have verified the level of training, the school trained with and Practitioner insurance cover. Please note ACHO is unable to validate insurance status for non-UK practitioners.

Cornwall School of Crystal Healing

Contact: Sue Weaver
School Callington Cornwall England Landline: 01579 350783 Website: Sue Weaver

Biographical Info

The philosophy of the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing is based on the understanding that every individual is a potential healer. From the sound basis of thorough training the individual is enabled to discover and develop their own way.

The Professional Diploma Course assists the students to develop their sensitivity to universal energy, to attune to and resonate with the energies of crystal and gemstones to provide a practical working knowledge of their application in healing, and to strengthen their own energy field. We teach counselling throughout the course to enable the healer to deal with issues that arise in the healing process-their own and those of their clients.

We also offer workshops and shorter courses in Crystal Awareness. Sue Weaver has a psychology background with experience as a teacher, social and community worker. With her dedication to personal development and healing, she aims to live and teach a grounded spirituality.

Regular Open days throughout the year to buy crystals and jewellery.

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