The School of Soul Medicine

The School of Soul Medicine
The School of Soul Medicine
Mike Eastwood
Rookley Manor, Niton Road, Rookley, Isle Of Wight, England
PO38 3NR
01983 721060
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Soul Medicine is a fusion of healing modalities put together by Mike, drawn from his twenty years of experience working in the healing arts. His focus for Soul Medicine is to bridge Eastern and Western healing approaches offering the student an all encompassing system. This activates a profound understanding of the intelligence and divine design behind creation and existence. There are laws within this universe which when applied and comprehended, lead to the development of mastery of human reality and health. Crystal medicine is used as the common thread linking together all the systems explored in this training.

This two year diploma brings together the many facets and levels of crystal healing; understanding and exploring the meridian system and utilising crystals to balance and energise them; learning about the science of the seven energy bodies; activating, clearing and harmonising the chakras; preparing crystal essences for use in private practice; making contact with the Archangels, Angelic forces and the Masters as well as learning body techniques for preparing the body for healing.

Mike has been working in the healing arts field for more than 18 years and has trained in Sacred Dance and body movement with Solara, in Crystal healing with Katrina Raphaell, in the Qabalah for 11 years with Jenni Shel and has co-taught with the Crystal author Melody. Mike has taught in America, Sweden, Germany, France and England. He is the author of “the Crystal Oversoul 44 Healing cards” published by Findhorn Press and “Nine Chakra Crystal Healing Manual published by the Magical Forest Press.

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The School of Soul Medicine