ACHO Documents and Forms

You will find ACHO forms, Training Standards, Code of Conduct and other policies here.


Documents & Forms

For general information about ACHO and ACHO activities please contact any ACHO School Principal or email ACHO with your query test

ACHO New-Practitioner-Application-Form-2018 (PDF)

 New-Practitioner-Application-Form-2018 (DOCX)

The application form for crystal therapy practitioners who have gained an ACHO accredited qualification to be listed on the Practitioner Register. Current fee £15 per annum payable by cheque or PayPal. Required documentation: Qualification certificates and proof of current insurance.


  ACHO Training Standards 2014 (578.6 KiB)

The most recent version of the ACHO Training Standards available as a pdf download.

 ACHO New School Application Procedures 2018

 A guidance document for Principals of Crystal Healing Schools seeking ACHO membership.

ACHO Student Welcome Pack 2018

ACHO Student Welcome Pack as an Adobe .pdf file
Information for all new students on ACHO accredited courses.

ACHO Code of Conduct 2018 (828.2 KiB)

The most recent version of the full ACHO Code of Conduct available as a pdf file.

 ACHO Course Evaluation Form for Students (284.9 KiB)

Please download a course evaluation form. Your feedback is important to us.

 ACHO Feedback Forms: For Students (self-assessment) (58.3 KiB)

ACHO In-course Case Study Feedback Forms. These forms should be filled and returned to your tutor along with your case studies.

 ACHO Feedback Forms: For Clients of Students (60.4 KiB)

ACHO In-course Case Study Feedback Forms. These forms should be given to your case study clients with a stamped addressed enveloped to be filled and returned to your tutor.

 ACHO Continuing Professional Development Standards (CPD) (7.3 KiB)

Guidance on CPD for Practitioners  listed on the ACHO Practitioner Register, ACHO Tutors and ACHO Principals.

 Guidance on CPD Points  and Record Keeping (9.7 KiB)

CPD point values for a range of CPD actitivites. For Practitioners listed on the ACHO Practitioner Register, ACHO Tutors and ACHO Principals.

 ACHO Equal Opportunities Policy (57.7 KiB)

ACHO Equal Opportunities Statement 

 ACHO Disciplinary Rules and Procedures (81.2 KiB)

ACHO Disciplinary Rules and Procedures 

 ACHO Grievance Procedure (60.6 KiB)

ACHO Grievance Procedure

 ACHO Harrassment and Bullying Policy (212.3 KiB)

ACHO Harrassment and Bullying Policy. 

 ACHO Genealogy 1988 – 2017 (413.1 KiB)

An historical record of ACHO Members who have held office since 1988.

There follow resources from organisations outside of ACHO that Practitioners, Principals and Schools may find useful as references:

  MHRA Guidance MCA8 (74.5 KiB)

A guide to what is a Medicinal Product. 
Appendix A: Words and Phrases. Useful in determining what may and may not be said about crystals.

 BERR – Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform. (573.7 KiB)

A guide to regulations designed to protect consumers and promote honest trading. Everyone who deals with
consumers is affected by these regulations. 

  UK Advertising Codes (95.3 KiB)

CAP and BCAP UK Advertising Codes, which came into effect on 1 September