Guidance for Students

Please Note:
As an additional benefit for ACHO college students, ACHO is offering a verification service which will provide independent evidence that the work you have completed meets the rigorous standards set by the core curriculum.

Note that this is NOT external accreditation of work as this can only be given by Authorised Validating Agencies such as OCN, VTCT, ASET, etc. via properly accredited members’ colleges (currently ICGT, Lucis and Violet Flame).

The service is optional and is only available to those students whose work is based on the core curriculum and has already been assessed and passed by their own school/college.

If your school or college is no longer an ACHO member and providing your school registered you with ACHO as a student, you can still apply, be verified and get an ACHO Verification Certificate, as long as the school was a member when you started your course or whilst you were studying the core curriculum.
* You do not need a reference from your former school/college to be verified in this case. An ACHO Verification Certificate will allow you to go onto the ACHO Register if you wish.

While this verification does not provide evidence for insurance purposes (your school/college certification can do that), other organisations may require independent evidence that you have completed the work to the appropriate level and standard, and this service will be able to provide this for you.

Please note that there is an administration fee of £75.00.
In order to proceed, please read the following guidance notes.

  1. Your work must have been assessed and passed by your own school/college
  2. You will need a written reference from your school/college principal which will provide additional confirmation that ACHO standards have been met (*unless your school is no longer a member of ACHO)
  3. Your work must be presented in the order it appears in the ACHO Training Standards. To check the order please Click Here
  4. Contact one of the verifiers listed below. They will confirm whether they are able to verify your work.
  5. Send all the work you are submitting and the fee – payable to ACHO Ltd – to the verifier. We strongly recommend you send copies rather than the originals.
  6. When the verifier has checked that all elements of the core curriculum have been met, they will inform ACHO, who will then issue a certificate of verification.
  7. Your work will be returned to you.
  8. Please address any queries about your application to the verifier in the first instance.

Unsure about the value of External Verification?

Please check out: To EV, or Not to EV?Click here

(More Verifiers from ACHO Members’ Schools will be added to this list when they have completed their Verifiers training)


School/College Name Contact details

Maggi Dunbar 

Sue Lilly 
Lucis College

Shirley O’Donoghue 

Brian Parsons