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Dreamstone Holistics – Therapies & Training Contact: Helen Jane Meyrick
Other PO Box 107 Griffithstown Pontypool Torfaen NP4 4DA Wales
Home Phone: 0751 600 1947 Website: Dreamstone Crystal Courses & Workshops

Helen Jane Meyrick is the Principal of Dreamstone Holistics – Therapies & Training. Part time courses, primarily run as evening classes are taught in Torfaen, S.E. Wales.

Helen is a fully qualified teacher (PGCE) with over nine years of professional teaching experience in F.E. and Adult Education, holds an ICGT Diploma in Crystal Therapy, a Reiki Master Teacher and a qualified member of the British School of Meditation.

Crystal Courses offered by Dreamstone Holistics – Therapies & Training include:

· DHTT Crystal Therapy Professional Qualification
This course is run as three levels:

  • Level 1 Foundation: Covering selected units of the ACHO Core Curriculum and is run over 6 workshop sessions or 12-session evening course
  • Level 2 Certificate: Covering the remaining ACHO Core Curriculum Units Curriculum and is run over 6 workshop sessions
  • Level 3 Diploma: An advanced course comprising 12 workshop sessions

· Crystal Clarity
A one-day workshop introducing crystals and their therapeutic qualities for personal health & wellbeing

· Star Sign Crystals!
A one-day workshop looking at birthstones and how crystals can be used in conjunction with ones natal astrological chart as a grid layout for personal wellbeing. Can be used for CPD for qualified crystal therapists.

· Quartz ’n’ All
A one-day workshop focusing on the many uses and forms of quartz. Can be used for CPD for qualified crystal therapists.

· Advanced Crystal Workshops
Some of the Level 3 Diploma workshops will be offered as one-day workshops for CPD purposes – see website for more details


In addition Dreamstone Holistics – Therapies & Training offers workshops and courses in Reiki (Levels 1, 2 & 3) and Meditation.