TSCT Certificate in Crystal Therapy

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Date(s) - 19/06/2017 - 23/06/2017
All Day

Llandrindod Wells

Following on from the Foundation level five additional tutored days bring you to Certificate level. You will be extending your healing repertoire with a broader range of Crystal Healing techniques. You are also going to be developing a deeper understanding of the crystals themselves. Open to students who have studied the Foundation with an ACHO school. £400 tuition fees per person.

TSCT Certificate Syllabus

  1. The Science Behind Crystal Healing: Vibrational Medicine and Quantum Physics · Crystallography
  2. Distant Healing: Ethical Considerations · Distant Assessment · Sending Distant Healing
  3. Colour in Crystal Healing: Colour Theory · Use of Colour in Healing with Crystals Crystal Nets: Seal of Solomon · Pentagram · Elven Star
  4. Quartz Master Crystals: Special Forms of Quartz · Metaphysical Properties and Uses
  5. Understanding the Meridians: Yin and Yang · Chinese Five Elements · Meridian Theory · Using Crystals on Meridians
  6. The Holistic Spine: The Sushumna · Correspondences · Clearing the Channel and Enhancing Energy Flow
  7. Quality Sleep: Crystals and Layouts for Sound Sleep and Dream Incubation
  8. Minor Chakras: Placements and Functions
  9. Clearing and Balancing The Transpersonal Chakras · Placements and Functions · Clearing and Balancing
  10. The Crystal Balances: Balance Techniques ∙ Channelling Healing through Quartz
  11. Giving Guided Visualisations and Crystal Meditations
Tutor: Lauren D'Silva
Email: courses@touchstones-therapies.co.uk