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Valerie Pitts Crystal Healing Contact: Valerie Pitts
School 17 Ballingdon Road, Clapham, London SW11 6AJ

Valerie teaches both workshops and short courses at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London SW7 and has done so over the last nine years as well as teaching at home in Clapham, London SW11, details of which can be found on her website.
Valerie is a qualified practising crystal healer and has run her own clinic in Clapham for the last 14 years, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with occasional Saturday appointments.
Valerie is a fully qualified teacher having studied for her DTLLS with Milton Keynes University four years ago to help guide students in a professional manner.
Valerie teaches a two year accredited diploma course in crystal healing from her home and is now a member school of ACHO, The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations, joined to CTC the Crystal Therapy Council, under the auspices of GRCCT the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies. The diploma course is taught in Clapham with small groups of 6 students at each session.
Valerie has conducted a weekly meditation group for over 12 years and has recorded 2 meditation CDs entitled Love, Light and Joy and A Crystal Journey, which are available for sale at the college.
Valerie has appeared in Spirit and Destiny magazine demonstrating crystal healing and is currently writing a book on the subject. Valerie has studied related topics and facilitated crystal workshops over the years on the Goddess, The Faye, Dragon Myths, Rejuvenating Chakras, Ley Lines, Feng Shui, Ancestral Healing, Meridians, Atlantan Healing, the Angelic and Earth healing, to help re-empower her students, in order that they may take charge of their own well-being.
Valerie likes to assist her students in recollecting what they already know and to put it into practise to guide them on their spiritual path in this lifetime.
Valerie has officiated at both naming and handfasting ceremonies over the last 5 years and this may be arranged by prior request.
Valerie also sells crystals at home and on the Open Evenings at College. If you have any specific requests you can e-mail her on Dowsing may be used to select any crystals you require and can be sent by way of post or collection. To view a unique and extensive crystal collection, appointments can be made by telephone on 0207 978 7360.