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The Vocational College of Healing Contact: Jay Aggett

The Vocational College of Healing is committed to providing a quality learning programme through three part-time levels of training. The full training programme can be completed in two years, if you continuously progress onto each level. The courses are structured to allow students to work at their own pace.

The Foundation Level – provides a full introduction to the subject of Crystal Healing. Even on its own it can be considered as a complete crystal course. It is ideal if you do not require a Professional qualification but wish to work safely on yourself, family and friends. It also allows you the opportunity to consider if you wish to become a Professional Crystal Therapist by completing the following two levels.

The Licentiate and Diploma levels – provide learning and skills in advanced Crystal Healing techniques and spiritual development. Completion of these levels enables the healer to work confidently and competently as a Professional Crystal Therapist.

VCH Principal has held the post of ACHO Disciplinary Chair on several occasions.