ACHO Member Schools & Course Information

Each school teaches Crystal Healing Therapy practitioner diploma courses that last for at least two years. They include in their Diploma courses the agreed ACHO Core Curriculum that makes up a maximum of one half of the course.

ACHO offers an external moderation/verification service for the Core Curriculum. ACHO awards certificates to show student’s work has been verified. For Verification Service Information Click Here

ACHO Recommends that any Diploma course you sign up for (albeit with an ACHO school or another organisation) should provide around 180 hours tutor-present. Many ACHO schools also provide shorter Certificate courses covering the ACHO Core Curriculum (around 90 hours, tutored) and some provide Foundation courses (around 50 hours).

The Foundation level course may be delivered by some schools as a correspondence course provided there is a tutor present practical assessment day. This was a pilot for 2014 and will be reviewed.

Some schools teach the core curriculum via accredited modules as laid out in the [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=79 linktext=’Training Standards’ /]

Please contact individual schools for details of their syllabus, fee structure and application form.

You can use our Events search above to find a course, you can also download our “at-a-glance” list of schools and contact details [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=84 linktext=here /]